Rubanthom Russian Blues Rubanthom Russian Blues, Russian Whites, Russian Blacks

Katrusca Ebony of Rubanthom and Rubanthom Blue Angel
examples of a Russian Black and Russian Blue Tabby kitten

We have kittens!

We have kittens fall 2016
Contact us if you are interested to reserve your kitten
or to find out litters we might have in 2017.

We have Russian Blue and Russian White kittens available
Sometimes we also have Russian Black kittens available

Always nice to hear

"Just wanted to let you know that Savannah (born July 2016)
was seen by our vet on Monday. He pronounced
her to be "the picture of health". We are really
enjoying this little fur ball of energy.
My husband says we should have named her
Eveready...she keeps going and going and going...
And she's so smart, learning new things every day."
Diane  B

"I've attached a photo of Ali who turned 17 a few
days ago. She was born on 10/31/99. Her mom was
Twiggy and her dad was Sonny. We lived in Pensacola
when we got her and drove up to pick her up.
We now live in Kansas. She is spoiled rotten but in
good health considering her age. We love her very much
and have enjoyed her more than I can say. We have tried to
give her the best of everything and a good, happy life.
I hope you enjoy her photo. Thank you for our sweet girl."
Sarah F

Here are some photos of our past kitten litters:

Aren't they cute??

More cute photos of our kittens:

How cute are these two?

Previous litters:

In March, 2006, Smirnoff and Acappella had a litter of 13 kittens!
This must be some kind of record for a Russian litter!
One kitten did not survive, but the rest did great,
there were 8 blues and 4 whites
in the litter pictured.
All have found new homes.

or call us at: 706- 597 0995
if interested in a kitten