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These are the two "kissing kittens" all grown up and per their new mom, Susan, getting ready for Christmas.

Rubanthom's Alexei
I just wanted to share a picture of Alexei with you. He is doing great! He is such a sweet kitten - You did a wonderful job socializing him. All the staff at the Vet just love him too! In this picture, he is in his "I am the King" pose. ;o)
Christi, Tennessee

Rubanthom's Sky
My brother and I purchased two Russian Blues from you two years ago and we have enjoyed them so much! They have each turned out great both in personality and appearance. Thank you! I have attached an image of mine (named Sky) that you are welcome to use on your website or however you would like.
Best wishes, Mark C.

Rubanthom's Roby Sierra of the Mist
It has been awhile sine I have sent you a picture of the Blue we got from you in 2006. As you can see he is very prissy and likes to pose for the camera. He is a year and a half old and our family could not picture what we would do with out him. He is the most pleasant and loving cat. He loves to have his belly rubbed any time we walk in his general direction. His registered name is Roby Sierra of the Mist. Roby for short. Thank you for the wonderful experience we had while we were @ your cattery. He usually sleeps between my husband and myself under the covers with his head on my pillow. Thanks again for everything!!

Rubanthom's Mishka and friend Kahlua
Have been meaning to get this .pdf file to you of Mishka and Kahlua -- their Christmas morning antics and their their new early morning activity of "squirrel patrol". Squirrels love to run around our house on the top of the brick foundation ledge and just beneath the windows. M and K get so excited when they see one of them run by a window ! Their entertainment!

Mishka is just such a wonderful, loving cat. He is growing up quickly. Still loves to drink from the water fountain part of their water dish. He and Kahlua remain such good buddies for each other. His eyes are getting more green throughout his pupils now. And it is interesting to watch how Kahlua loves the sun to lay in, even being dark brown, while Mishka likes the shade -- knows he doesn't want to change his gorgeous tipped gray coat! Oh, he has learned a new trick to get up high -- we added a cabinet in our bathroom and he has taught himself to jump from the top of it to the top of the bathroom door and then he walks over to and along the top of our shower stall. His balance is incredible.

We have only had one other cat in our many years as cat owners that would also love to get on top of door frames and then walk back and forth along the top. That cat was a Tonkinese breed. I couldn't believe it when Mishka exhibited these same characteristics. And he gets back down quite well all by himself.
Marilyn, Georgia

Rubanthom's Rin
I thought I'd shoot you over an email because I'm so shocked at how far we've gotten. The girls are doing a whole lot better already. It took just a few hours for them to be able to walk around together... well more like for Rin to walk around and Saya (my other cat) to follow her and give her evil glances. But they even ate their dinners about a foot away from each other and managed to both get a nap in the same bedroom for a few hours. Rin seems to love the attention everyone has been giving her, I even managed to snap a homecoming picture without her seeming to mind in the least. It might have been a little rush of a transition, but I'm going to keep an eye on them both and as long as they are fine I'm going to let it be. Thanks and take care,

Boris with Rubanthom's Nakita and Shasa
Nakita and Shasa turned six months last week and weíve had them 3 months now. Just wanted to send you an update.
As you can see by the pictures, they have sooooooo bonded with my Boris (heís now 11) and since the babies came into our home I donít think heís missed his sister one day (remember we lost his litter mate the day after Christmas). And he watches over them like a mother hen!
I must tell you these babies are not only the most affectionate cats Iíve ever had but they are by far the smartest things Iíve ever seen! They are my constant companions (when not with Boris) and they have brought so my love and joy into our home. They have truly been a gift of love to us. Hope you enjoy the pics.
God bless and keep spreading the love with other families.
Linda and Ric, Texas

Rubanthom's Yurishka
Here are some pictures of Yuri in his new environment. He's a good boy, and we love him very much. Cheers,
Damon, California