Rubanthom Russian Blues Rubanthom Russian Blues, Russian Whites, Russian Blacks

Andrea, We should have done this sooner, but we waited until a neighbor who takes animal and wildlife pictures as a hobby could come over and take pictures of the kittens. Actually, they are more like cats now as they are in their fifth month. They are a joy!!! Full of life and never still. Yet they do enjoy their pets. Your family did a wonderful job of socializing them. They come up to all who come to the house and examine them. Sometimes they stay and other times they don't pay any more attention to them. We took them to the vets a couple of weeks ago and they had their last shot. Our vets are a husband and wife who received their degrees from U of GA, but had never seen a Russian Blue before. They didn't even have a code in their computer for the breed. Needless to say they were the hit of the clinic. We are so very happy with our choice of breed and breeder. Our little boy is on the left, and the little girl is on the right. Thanks so much.
Jack n Sandee, Georgia

Rubanthom's Dasha
The latest and greatest photos of the MOST MAGNIFICENT CAT........
Ava, human caretaker, Florida

From the moment I went to visit you, I realized I was not there to pick a kitten, I was there for a kitten to choose me. Just as I sat down, this sleek handsome green eyed little boy made his way onto my lap, and into my heart as he started to purr. No words can really describe his beauty, he was beyond gorgeous. I was a gonner from the moment he chose me, and I knew I couldn't go home without him. I thought long and hard about getting a playmate or friend for Ash, and after numerous emails I decided to add ANNA (My Russian White) to our family. A few weeks later I brought Anna (Ash's Half Sister) home, and She has been an exciting addition to the home from the moment she entered the house. Not only is it wonderful to see them snuggle together, But its a blast to watch them run, play and get into all sorts of things. Both of them are very verbal, and tell me when they want something. Both of my Russians are very Intelligent, affectionate, playful, Absolutely GORGEOUS, loving, vocal, and spoiled rotten!! If my husband would allow it, I would probably have a HOUSE FULL of Russians in every Color !!!!
Janet, Georgia

Rubanthom's Gaud
I don't know if you remember me. I got a russian blue boy from you last August. I just wanted to say that he is the best friend I ever got and he's absolutely wonderful and intelligent. We spoiled him a lot. I might be interested in getting another kitten from you but I am waiting to move in to the new condo so that will take some time. I just wanted to write that I am very happy with the cat I got from you. I attach couple of pictures just in case you would want to see. Thanks,
Magdalena, Illinois

Rubanthom's Magnolia and Rubanthom's Ficus Winters
Both Magnolia and Ficus are getting along great at this point. She likes the companionship, but she also likes to get some time by herself, while he is always wanting to play with her. I have attached a photo I took of them hanging out together. He has all the personality traits common to the Blues; loves to play but is very gentle with us, always attentive, and very friendly. He's different from Mags in that he loves to meet people. He's definitely attached himself to us here, but he enjoys company whereas Magnolia would prefer to disappear when the door opens by someone she doesn't expect. Thank you again for cultivating these breeds of the most wonderful cats we have known.
Jimmy & Jerrilyn, Atlanta GA

Rubanthom's Nitro
Just wanted to give you an update on Nitro. He is gaining weight good now like you said he would. He is defiantly the best cat I have ever had. My Mom cannot get enough of him. She recently got your email address from me so she will probably be contacting you soon to get one for herself. I sent some PICs. Thanks again
Cory, Florida
(note: Nitro is from the litter of 12 kittens born March 2006)

Rubanthom's Felix and Rubanthom's Radka
My wife & I want to extend you & your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I finally got a decent picture of Felix & Radka & I wanted to send it to you. As you can see, they have grown so much!
The Jacksons, Georgia