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More photos of our cats at various cat shows
we have recently attended

ACFA Suncoast Cat Show, Ft Meyers, Florida Feb 2012

TCH Rubanthom Artic Princess Dianne, did well at the show, getting several finals. She is just shy of her Grand Champion title. She has that really nice "cobra" profile to her face.

Rubanthom Raven Cleopatra also did really well, she got finals in every ring. She has finished her kitten classes and moves up to the Championship adult classes next show

Now you many wonder what happens to our cats when they are not being shown, or are not going to as many shows. Here you can see that TGC/QGC Alter Rubanthom Dominic Demitri is living with my daughter and granddaughter, studying very hard. Not only is he studying hard, but he also got finals in all his alter rings at the show. A cat of many talents!

Rubanthom Raven Cleopatra is a bit too young to start her book learning yet, so she is just checking out the classroom!