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More photos of our cats at various cat shows
we have recently attended

Main Street Cat Fanciers ACFA show, Florida March 2009

DGC, CH Rubanthom's Blue Knight with ACFA judge Stephen Joostema. Blue Knight is an ACFA Double Grand Champion, and a TICA Champion

ACFA President and judge Judy Eastwood looking over Jack of Hearts, he loves the feather toys! Jack is now an ACFA Grand Champion.

A Touch of Class ACFA show, Florida November 2008

DGC,CH Rubanthom's Blue Knight did well at the show, he shows very well and is not timid or shy at all.

Rubanthom's Silver Mist, our female kitten, she is very slim and lanky at this age.

and GC Jack of Hearts rounded out our russian blue kittens entered. He tends to be a bit more reserved and shy at the shows. All the kittens did well at the show with each one getting at least one finals ribbon.

Rubanthom's Midnight Star was our lone russian "color" entry.

Not all of our entered cats are pedigreed, here is my grand daughter with her personal pet, a random bred cat, Buddy for Me, that she showed to a Supreme Alter title--she is very proud of Buddy! Here Buddy got best HHP, or house hold pet, in this particular ring.

This is my HHP entry, Sir Tango. I had always wanted a tuxedo marked cat, and found this one, so I have been showing him since he was a kitten in the HHP classes.