Rubanthom Russian Blues Rubanthom Russian Blues, Russian Whites, Russian Blacks

More photos of our cats at various cat shows
we have recently attended

ACFA Blue Ridge Cat Fanciers, Woodstock, VA, March 2007

I decided to take motel photos rather than
show photos for this outing.

CH, GC Rubanthom Catalina sitting with
Rubanthom's Christabella at the motel before the show
They have looks on their faces as if to say
"We drove for 8 hours and you still expect us to play?"

Rubanthom's Christabella has some complaining to do after the long drive "What? No room service?"

Rubanthom's Cristal kind of wants to play, but soon decides a nap in the chair is a good thing, after all, she has to be beautiful all day tomorrow for the show, so she needs her beauty rest

CH, GC Rubanthom's Catalina decides to cozy up with the bed pillows to get a good nights sleep before she heads off to the show, where she attained her Grand Champion title