Rubanthom Russian Blues Rubanthom Russian Blues, Russian Whites, Russian Blacks

More photos of our cats at various cat shows
we have recently attended

TICA Cattyshacks Show, North Augusta, SC, Sept 2012

GCA Rubanthom Dominic Dometri, did well at the show, getting several finals, enough to gain his GCA title. He is also a GCA in ACFA along with being overall 3rd best alter in ACFA's SE region.

Rubanthom Silvester was shown in kitten class, as he is 7 months old, he also did well, getting several finals. At cat shows, kitten class contains kittens aged 4 months to 8 months old, when they reach 8 months, they then go into adult classes, either Championship, or Alter.

Rubanthom Princess Diane, who was shown in the "new traits" class. While she is a CH in ACFA, TICA has yet to accept as a championship color the Russian whites or blacks, so, until then, they are shown in New Traits classes.

Rubanthom Raven Cleopatra was also shown in New Traits classes with Rubanthom Princess Diane.